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  • Wallpost revealing “Trends” for Know News FlashOn Jun 1 2013 8:44AM, by Wallpost

    Wallpost finally announced its “Trends” feature, which gives every day exclusive news on entertainment, technology, education, sports, science, politics and plenty of channels.

    Wallpost trends cover all the national and international exclusives and deliver latest news, updates in a matter of few seconds. It covers the information on announcements, latest achievements and enhancements, company updates, rumors and reports.

    Irrespective of being registered on Wallpost, anyone can read all the updates on Trends, make comments and ‘like’ the posts making it an open source rather than restricting it to the users alone.

    Furthermore, we telecast worldwide including exclusive news with our descriptive words and with awesome photos. Wallpost “trends” helps you to read your favorite news without annoying your work on wallpost social network or in any other applications.

    For glancing a specific news is very easy from wallpost trends now, how means, it’s giving the option of date wise post and category wise post, by selecting anyone option a list of posts will display, just click on particular date or category what you want and enjoy the read. However, wallpost offer an additional option of “search trends”, allows you to search for particular trend release just by entering title, category or any other term mentioned on the release.

    Wallpost, moving very fast by adding more and more advanced choices, in recent it was announced progressive chat application, and now planning to introduce desktop chat application in soon.  More and more feature has being implementing from wallpost to make it as much interesting and better user-friendly.

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