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    About Us

    Wallpost is the precinct of absolute social networking and has solidified its place in the hearts of millions. Our passion lies in strengthening the bonds of people wide across. Today, Wallpost is a platform for stunning photo sharing, friendly video chatting, and meeting long-forgotten friends. It is also a carrier of your social life, and a creative front for the writers. Wallpost can be called an amalgamation of joy, emotions, social activity and creativity. Wallpost was started with an intension of giving a vivid platform of communication for people across the world. With Wallpost you can share the best of times all captured in videos shot in a mobile phone or through pictures captured on camera only to be shared with loved ones across the globe. You can also write comments, add tags and notes. Albums can be kept private, allow protected guest access, or be open to the public. Photos stats option, which gives the statistics of the photos and album, is a big welcome. You can invite your friends; send them messages and get instant updates from them. We aim to give you a safe and secure social networking site and ensure you, harmonious relations with your friends and family. Our mission is to help you preserve fun filled moments and make the most of your memories, while giving you the best atmosphere to complete those unfulfilled ideas. We strive to deliver honest and fairly good service to users and their information. Our mission is to support your busy life by making social networking easy, secure and instantaneous. We believe that an open exchange of information can have a positive global impact and we have found that this open exchange also has an impact of making the world smaller and more attainable place. Create a free account today and experience why Wallpost is the best value in your life.


    Instead of creating files and folders to store photos on a computer desktop and sending them to friends through mails people look for new ways to upload, organize, and share their photos online. With the increasing popularity of the social networking sites, people would like to organize their photos in one centralized location for ease to update family and friends. Wallpost makes it much easier to organize photos. The wallpost albums are safe and secure and once they are created they can be accessed from anywhere. The slideshow option allows users to create a visually entertaining display of their photos to share with their friends and family. With privacy settings you can even restrict the access of your albums to public. Also, now put the old pocket book aside and add your contact into wallpost. And importing your contacts is no longer a herculean task with import options, where you can import contacts from your Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. Wallpost has made image and video sharing much easier. Wallpost also provides you option to keep an eye on the statistics of the Photos and albums. So, you can be aware of the people visiting your albums. Wallpost offers you an organized way of adding your friends, by providing a way to group them together. Wallpost offers you a stage of creativity, where you can let the world know that you have a creative eye. We also give ample scope to promote you at a large scale sans any cost. Our customer support is amazing, which is backed up by authentic people who are at all times ready to support you and go to the extra mile to help you.


    We aim to serve people who value their personal media, want a better experience and are willing to pay to preserve it. Wallpost has evolved into a full-fledged social networking site with an aim to connect people across the globe. Wallpost strives to be as innovative as possible and there is potential for it to grow as one of the leading names. Since, the number of users is likely to increase daily; the social activity will also increase exponentially.


    Wallpost has advanced into an arena of diverse features. From Photo sharing to video chat, from instant updates and messages to address book, from social ads to articles, it has got all it requires to strike a chord. Upload your photos to albums and share them with your friends through My Albums option. Watch a slideshow with your family, laugh, cry, make remarks and cherish those moments for life. You can also chat with your near and dear for long hours. Give them a feeling that you’re just around even if you are in a distant land with video chatting option. And just when you see an upcoming birthday feature in wallpost, don’t forget to wish your friends with instant messages. Wallpost also gives you latest updates and you are always aware of your friends’ social life activities. Importing and organizing the contacts has never been as easy as with, Wallpost’s Contacts options. Group your specific friends under a name; sit back and relax with Group contacts options. With this option, you can say goodbye to a never-ending list of your friends. With Wallpost’s recent visitors option you can also keep track of the visitors visiting your profile. Wallpost’s social ads option is a boon for people looking to promote their products for free of cost. Wallpost publishes legal and safe products only after the approval from the admin. And for those who aspire to become great writers, Wallpost is ready to unleash their talent with its articles section. This articles option would be very beneficial for budding writers, who are striving hard to carve a niche for themselves. Above all, there is one feature, which makes Wallpost stand out from other social networking sites and that is the Photo statistics. You can now view the records of the people visiting your album on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. So, you get the identity of the person visiting your album. Not only this, you also have statistics for Social Ads options. Wallpost offers people best ways to look at their abilities on internet, thereby giving them a global reach. Explore it and know the difference!