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    Last updated: 18th April, 2015

    Welcome to Wallpost. This privacy policy only covers Wallpost and it does not apply to any applications and websites using Wallpost as a Platform and those that Wallpost does not own or control.

    Age restriction and parental guidance. Children below the age of 13 are strictly advised not to register for Wallpost. If we find or learn about any registrations made by children less than 13 years of age, wallpost reserves all rights to delete any such account without prior notification. Wallpost advices the parents of children of 13 years and older to guide and teach them about safe internet practices and constant monitoring of information the children may choose to share.

    Personal details and information

    Your profile information.

    Wallpost will ask for your personal details during the registration process like your name, gender, email, DOB, photo etc. This information, along with any other information that might be asked for will help you to connect and network with your friends.

    Sharing your content.

    Wallpost is all about sharing. Once you register with wallpost, you tend to exchange and share your views through comments, posts, messages, photos etc. By default, wallpost stores the metadata related to your content and in case if you do not want this to happen, you can choose to remove metadata before you upload your content.

    Information of your contacts.

    Wallpost offers you to import your contacts from other sources like from your existing email account or any other social networking site. You will be requested to offer your password of any existing email account during this process and however this password will not be stored once the import is done. You can choose to keep or remove your imported contact information.

    Your activity information

    On-site activity.

    Wallpost keeps track of all your on-site activity such as your comments, messages, uploads etc. Some of this information might be stored for future purposes and recommendations.

    Access information. Wallpost stores information about your access like where are you access wallpost from, how are your accessing it (via computer or mobile) and any further information such as what browser you are using etc.

    Information from your contacts. Wallpost may collect some information about you from your contacts when you are tagged in a photo or thorough any other mutual activity.

    Information sharing and Privacy settings

    Profile picture and name:

    Your profile picture and name are primary to help your friends find you on wallpost and hence, these do not carry any privacy settings. However, you can set who can find you on wallpost through privacy settings.

    Contact and personal details.

    Wallpost will let you customize your privacy settings and decide which of your contact details you want to share and also with whom. You do not have to share any of your contact details with anyone that you do not wish to. Even your personal details like DOB, gender, relationship status etc can be customized.

    Your posts.

    You can choose individual privacy settings for each of your posts on wallpost and decide who can view your post.


    • Your on-page activity like status updates, post, uploads etc will reflect on your friend’s home page as well.
    • Tagging can be customized through privacy settings.
    • The information that you share, post, upload on to your profile may be copied by others who can view this information.

    How wallpost uses your information

    To serve you better.

    Wallpost uses the information we collect to provide improved services and features. Your information will help us to measure and improve the services and features that you use and to provide you with better customer support.

    To reach you.

    Wallpost will like to reach its users and keep them informed of any new and exciting activity that is going on with wallpost that is of their specific interest. However, you can opt out of this but setting your privacy settings.

    Helping your friends to find you.

    Wallpost will allow other users to use your contact information like email address and will help them find and connect with you. However, you can choose your privacy settings so that other users may not find you by searching using your email id.

    Security with Wallpost

    Wallpost takes suitable precautions and measures to safeguard your personal data from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure and destruction. Wallpost restricts the data only to its employees or staff that need to be aware of the information for processing on your behalf. By all means, your personal information is subjected to utmost confidentiality and any breach in the system will lead to the termination of the employees.

    Changes in Privacy Policy

    This Privacy policy may be subjected to change from time to time. So, please keep visiting this section to stay updated on the latest privacy policy. Wallpost will not decrease your rights under this policy without your consent and any significant changes in the privacy policy will be notified.